Telecommunication Tower Design & Foundation

Green Design engineers are well experienced and capable of providing the best solution for tower foundation. We use the latest software such as “STAAD PRO” for tower geometry and foundation design to ensure structural soundness.This software’s are extremely essential to produce precise and accurate structural analysis and very well-known to complete tower industry. This software can easily handle the complex geometry and deliver best results for static and dynamic analysis of mobile towers.

Following points play vital role from designing to execution :-

  • Location of site and space provided.
  • Wind speed.
  • Loading over structure.
  • Facilities required at certain height if mentioned.
  • Twist and sway required.
  • Soil bearing capacity.
  • Time available for ease and speed of fabrication.
  • Ease and speed of erection and execution.

Monopoles Towers Design

Monopoles towers have been used in the power transmission field since 1960.In recent years, monopoles towers have become popular for both electric transmission towers and for telecommunication structures.

Monopoles towers have become increasingly popular for use in the telecommunication industry. They are considered as the alternative solution for self-supporting towers consisting of a single pole that can stand independently against different environmental conditions without any support from guy wires where the ground conditions are. Otherwise unsuitable for tower installation the advantages include architectural attractiveness, expansion possibility, lightweight, a minimal use of land and durability against the windy conditions. Green design Monopole Towers in custom sizes, best in quality and price.

Telecommunication Tower Maintenance

Green Design provides telecommunication tower maintenance and up gradation services. Key highlights of Telecom Tower Maintenance & Up gradation services.

  • Inspections of tower paint and repaint if required.
  • Inspection of site to ensure smooth work flow.
  • Up gradation in no. of antennas and operators only if tower foundation allows extra weight.

We have our experts to help and advice our clients about these services in detail. For further information please drop us your queries and we shall get back to you in no time.

Soil Testing

Our experts perform this test to determine physical and chemical properties of the soil at the site provided..

Some key findings of this test :-

  • Bearing capacity of soil.
  • Water table height.
  • chemical property.

The process involves drilling of boreholes and laboratory analysis to avoid any case of shear failure of soil. Type and depth of foundation very much depends on this process and hence, is extremely essential to be performed.

Tower Inspections

Green Design Inspections Division performs a wide variety of field services, including TIA inspections, post-construction inspections, tower mappings, foundation mappings, and construction management. Our team includes both Professionals Engineers and Engineer Interns.

Our team has extensive experience working on a variety of structures, including broadcast towers, monopole towers, self-supported towers, water tanks, and roof top towers.

Structural Engineering

Our team has extensive experience working on a variety of structures, including broadcast towers, monopole towers, self-supported towers, water tanks, and roof top towers.

The Structural Division performs a wide range of services, including design and analysis of towers, foundations, platforms, water tanks, rooftops, and various other structures that support the telecommunication's industry.

  • Tower Project Management
  • Identify customer needs.
  • Site Survey & Layout.
  • Site Design.
  • Zoning-Permitting Assistance.
  • Write Bid Specification-Identify Qualified Contractors-Solicit Bids.
  • Select best contractor(s) for job considering cost, quality, and schedule.
  • Coordinate activities and schedules of customer, TCI staff, and contractors to ensure the quality and timely completion of the job.
  • On site inspection of work.
  • Tower Analysis
  • Quantitative FEA analysis of tower for conformance to applicable industry standards performed by trained engineering staff using latest software.
  • Modification-Upgrade Specification to conform to industry standards.
  • Report with recommendations.
  • Peer review.
  • Tower Inspection
  • Inspections conducted by trained tower engineers.
  • Member & Appurtenance mapping.
  • Qualitative Evaluation of tower members and appurtenances.
  • Qualitative evaluation of foundations, anchors, & guy wires.
  • Inspection of supporting structures, line bridges, equipment platforms.
  • Report with recommendations.